Coventry Cinemas

Some of the many cinemas that once existed in Coventry are listed below. At the start of World War II there were 22 cinemas in the City, but by 1945 this was reduced to 17 by German bombing, though the Imperial later re-opened. Within the next four decades the number declined to just three.

Some of the surviving cinema buildings have been photographed here.

A rather more comprehensive list can be found in a book published by the Mercia Cinema Society.

Name Location OpenedClosedFate
A B C Hertford St 1973 1987 became Cannon
Alexandra Ford St 1917 1969 became Theatre One
Arts Centre University Rd 1974 date University of Warwick
Astoria 71 Albany Rd 1933 1959 now a music academy
Bath Assembly Hall Priory St 1921 1926  
Broadway 71 Albany Rd 1922 1933 became Astoria
Brookville 154 Holbrook Lane1928 1941 bombed, now carpet store
Cannon Hertford St 1987 1988  
Carlton 574 Stoney Stanton Rd1930s?1940 bombed, now furniture store
La Continentale Earlsdon St 1951 1960 became Moulin Rouge
Corn Exchange Hertford St 1910 1914 became Empire
Corona Holbrook Lane 1927 1929 became Lyric
Coronet Paynes Lane 1910 1913  
Crown 150 Far Gosford St1912 1957 became Paris
Dovedale 1 Dovedale Ave 1929 1934 became Rivoli
Electric Theatre Hertford St ? 1920s became Star
Empire Hertford St 1914 1971 rebuilt as ABC
Forum Walsgrave Rd 1934 1962 became bowling alley
Gaumont Palace Jordan Well 1931 1937 became Gaumont
Gaumont Jordan Well 1937 1967 became Odeon
Globe Primrose Hill St 1913 1956 now a nightclub
Godiva Tile Hill Lane 1967 1976 now a casino
Grand 511 Foleshill Rd 1908 ? became Regal
Imperial Earlsdon St 1911 1951 became La Continentale
Lyric Holbrook Lane 1929 1968  
Moulin Rouge Earlsdon St 1960 1962 demolished 1965
Odeon Far Gosford St 1950s 1963 became Top Rank bingo, destroyed by fire 1970
Odeon Jordan Well 1967 1999 triple screen 1975, later 5 screens, now part of Coventry University
Odeon Croft Rd 1999 date multi screen
Opera House Hales St 1913 1961  
Palladium King William St 1915 1982  
Paris 150 Far Gosford St 19581981 became snooker club
Picture Palace Stoney Stanton Rd1910 1940 bombed
Picture Palace 342 Foleshill Rd 1913 1916? became Tivoli
Picture House Hertford St 1910 ? became Electric Theatre
Picture House 511 Foleshill Rd 1911 ? became Regal
Picture House 66 Smithford St 1911 1940 bombed
Picture TheatreHales St 1911 1911 became Royal Electric
Plaza Spon End 1929 1960 became bingo hall
Prince of Wales369 Stoney Stanton Rd19131956demolished 2007
Redesdale 224 Foleshill Rd 1933 1956 became Roxy
Regal 511 Foleshill Rd 1930s?1960 now cash&carry store
Rex Corporation St 1937 1940 bombed, site became temporary market
Rialto Moseley Ave 1928 1940 bombed
Rialto 81-89 Moseley Ave2006 2008 double screen
Ritz 1 Dovedale Ave 1956 1969 derelict for many years, housing development planned
Rivoli 1 Dovedale Ave 1934 1956 became Ritz
Roxy 224 Foleshill Rd 1933 1952 became Redesdale again
Royal Cinema Hales St 1927 1930 became furnishers
Royal Electric Hales St 1911 1927 became Royal Cinema
Savoy 268 Radford Rd 1938 1962 now bingo club
La Scala Far Gosford St 1913 1950s became Odeon
Showcase Gielgud Way 1991 date multi screen
Standard Tile Hill Lane 1938 1965 became Godiva
Star Hertford St 1910 1932  
Theatre One Ford St 1970 1997 became nightclub, demolished 2017 for student flats
Tivoli 342 Foleshill Rd 1913 1930 became skating rink, demolished 1980

This is by no means a complete list. If you have any additions or corrections, e-mail me at john@mcsparron·net. There was a web page with an apparently comprehensive list of cinemas in various towns including Coventry, now deleted but archived by the Wayback Machine here, often including such details as the number of seats and even ticket prices!

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