Coventry Car Makers

Coventry was once the heart of the British motor industry. It is now the home of the sole remaining British volume car manufacturer, LTI. I will leave it to other commentators to explain how this decline has occurred. Here is a list of some of the many car manufacturers that once existed in the city. A definitive list is unlikely ever to be compiled.

Name Location Dates Fate
Academy (EJ West) Foleshill Rd 1906-1908 
Aircraft Shackleton Rd 1919-1930 
Albatros Croft Rd 1923-1924 
Allard 38 Moor St 1899-1902became Rex
Alpha (Johnston, Hurley & Martin)Gosford St1914-1926 
Alvis (TG John) Holyhead Rd 1919-1967acquired by Rover 1965
Armstrong SiddeleyParkside 1919-1960site demolished 1996
Arno Gosford St 1908  
Autovia Midland Rd 1936-1938 
Barnet High St 1921-1930 
British Leyland (BL)see Daimler, Jaguar, Morris, Riley, Standard, Triumph
British Motor Corporation (BMC)see Morris, Riley
Brooks Holbrook Lane 1902  
Buckingham (TG John)Holyhead Rd 1913-1923 
Calcott Far Gosford St 1913-1926acquired by Singer
Carbodies Holyhead Rd 1959-1984became London Taxis
Carlton Lockhurst Lane 1901-1902 
Challenge Foleshill Rd 1912-1915 
Chrysler Ryton 1968-1979became Talbot
Clarendon 77 Moor St 1902-1904 
Clement Parkside 1908-1914 
Cluley Well St 1922-1929see picture
Coronet Paynes Lane 1904-1906became part of Humber
Coventry Motette Spon St 1896-1899 
Coventry Premier Read St 1919-1923acquired by Singer 1920
Coventry-Victor Cox St 1926-1938 
Crawford Holbrook Lane 1901  
Crouch Bishop St 1912-1928 
Daimler Draper's Fields 1896-2005acquired by Jaguar 1960
Daisy 96 Far Gosford St1912-1925 
Dawson Clay Lane 1919-1921premises bought by Triumph
Deasy Parkside 1906-1908became Siddely-Deasy
Duryea 188 Widdrington Rd1902-1906 
Emms Walsgrave Rd 1922-1923 
Endurance Gosford St 1899-1901 
Forge Holbrook Lane 1903-1905 
Forman Day's Lane 1904-1906 
Garrard & BlumfieldFord St 1894-1896electric cars
Glover Barras Lane 1910-1913see Spon End
Godiva Foleshill 1900-1901 
Great Horseless Carriage CoDrapers Field1896-1898became MMC
Hamilton Dale St 1910  
Hill Godiva St 1919-1930 
Hillman-Coatalen Pinley 1907-1910became Hillman
Hillman Pinley 1910-1968acquired by Rootes 1928
Hubbard 133 Much Park St 1906-1910 
Humber Humber Rd 1896-1968acquired by Rootes 1930
Iden Fleet St 1904-1907 
Jaguar Browns Lane 1945-2005acquired by Ford
Lanchester Sandy Lane 1931-1954acquired by BSA
Lea & Francis Lower Ford St 1904-1931later Lea-Francis
Lea-Francis Much Park St 1937-1960former Triumph works
London Taxis (LTI)Holyhead Rd 1985-date 
Lotis (H Sturmey) 160 Widdrington Rd1906-1912 
Marseel Harefield Rd 1919-1925 
Maudslay Parkside 1902-1915became part of AEC 1951
Motor Manufacturing Co (MMC)Drapers Field1898-1907moved to London
Morris Gosford St 1913-1982became part of BMC 1952
Neville-Sinclair Fleet St 1904-1907 
Omega Swan Lane 1925-1927three wheelers
Peugeot Ryton 1986-2006 
Priory Dale St 1901  
Progress (EJ West)Stoney Stanton Rd1899-1903became West
Ranger (EJ West) West Orchard 1913-1914 
Remington Foleshill Rd 1919-1930 
Rex 222 Osborne Rd 1902-1914 
Ridley Upper Well St 1901-1904 
Riley King St 1899-1948moved to Abingdon
Rootessee Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam Talbot
Rover West Orchard 1904-1948moved to Solihull
Rudge Spon End 1912-1913 
Siddeley Parkside 1902-1904 
Siddeley-Deasy Parkside 1912-1919became Armstrong Siddeley
Singer Canterbury St 1905-1970acquired by Rootes 1956
SS Jaguar Holbrooks Lane 1936-1945became Jaguar
Standard Foleshill Rd 1903-1963acquired by BL 1960
Stoneleigh Parkside 1912-1930 
Sturmey see Duryea, Lotis
Sunbeam Ryton 1955-1986 
Sunbeam Talbot Ryton 1946-1955became Sunbeam
Swallow Holbrooks Lane 1928-1936became SS Jaguar
Swift Cheylesmore 1898-1931 
Talbot Humber Rd 1979-1986became Peugeot
Tippen Shakespeare St 1948-1976vehicles for the disabled
Triumph Priory St 1923-1986acquired by Standard 1945
Velox Parkside 1903-1904became part of Iden then Deasy
Vernon Earl St 1906-1910 
West Foleshill Rd 1904-1908later Ranger
Wigan-Barlow Lowther St 1912-1913 
Williamson 77 Moor St 1913-1916three wheelers
The dates are those for which complete production cars (of at least three wheels) were produced in the city. In some cases other vehicles were produced outside these dates, or cars were produced at other locations. Early dates are often only approximations. The location given is the original manufacturing site.

The above is by no means a full list of Coventry car makers. Others about which less detail is known include Acme, Ariel, Aster, Aurora, Awson, Bayliss, Beeston, Billings, Bramco, British Motor Traction, Broadway, Centaur, Condor, Cooper, Couder, Cunard, Dalton & Wade, Davidson, Doherty, Dutson Ward, Eagle, Emms, Ferguson, Forman, Forge, Grosvenor, Hamilton, Hobart-Bird, Hotchkiss, Hurley, Lady, Lee-Eabb, Manley & Buckingham, Moore & Owen, Noble, Norton, Pilot, Priory, Quadrant, Raglan, Record, Ryley, Taylor-Swetnam, Titan, Viking, Warwick (SH Newsome) and Whitley.

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